Cherrywine is a medium to large size plant which stands 6-9 feet in height. It is a great producer, and is considered the royalty of high CBD hemp. Nice branch spacing and medium bud size, which allows for growing in a multitude of climates. Earthen, sweet cherry scent with notes of minor fruit. For the past three years, in an effort to increase uniformity and stability, we have back-crossed our most stable, high CBD plants five times. Our Cherrywine exhibits a .169%-.19% total THC value in all testing. This strain is a fantastic cross for strain stabilization. We have both Cherrywine feminized seed and Cherrywine feminized pollen available.


Sunny and hot. Cherrywine loves water, particularly when in flower. Great strain for all climates


Range is 13 %-19%; climate and diet dependent.


Smokable (greenhouse grown), great for extraction.


4×4 or 4×5: requires 2200-2500 seed per acre.