To revolutionize agricultural production and consumption via proprietary grow systems and products that exponentially increase flavor profiles, plant nutritional values and local sustainability models, using less land and less water.

Las Vegas Greens, Lcc

In the United States, there is a dire need to utilize existing technologies that have the capacity to drastically change and improve the current food supply chain. The declining overall health of Americans can be directly linked to unnatural farming practices employed by the existing pro fit-motivated, industrialized agricultural system. Obesity and diabetes are only two of the numerous diet-related ailment s that many links to current food sources. The use of chemicals, pesticides and genetic modification has resulted in flavorless, nutrient-poor, unsafe products that are valueless imitations of the food that human beings require.
It is also import ant to understand that the present food distribution network, including unripe, chemical harvesting and vacuum refrigeration, combined with international and cross-country transport of goods, focus primarily on maintaining the appearance of food as opposed to the quality. On average, food products that are available have lost over 60% of their original nutritional value by the time that it reaches market shelves.
Both farming practices and food distribution systems have given rise to concerns regarding the safety of American food sources, which in turn has led to a greater demand for locally grown crops. FDA food safety inspections have been reduced by 80% over the last three decades, and the resultant drop in the level of nutritional, safe food is alarming. Southern Nevada has an opportunity to change the existing system that promotes "food deserts". Las Vegas Greens has proprietary growing systems that are capable of meeting the fresh food needs of Southern Nevada, and can affordably supply the entire socio-economic spectrum of our community. A diet based on processed foods is not in America's best interest. A nation is judged by the standard it allows its lowest rung to exist at, let's make this important change in education, and growing and distribution practices to raise America once again to the pinnacle of global leadership.