As The Hemp Industry thrives, more and more strains become available. Each strain expresses different traits and characteristics from other strains. The key is to find the strain which demands the climate (humidity), soil and latitude of your grow. Of course, indoor grows have a much greater strain growing range. Further, each strain can express different phenotypes within the strain itself, producing what look to be different plants from others in the crop.


We here at Las Vegas Greens separate each individual strain, in every crop turn, into pheno groups. Example: Our Cherrywine CBD strain has five or more different pheno expressions. After being crossbred several hundred times, the strongest traits became more predominate: taller, thicker, closer internodal spacing, large colas and multiple medium colas. More plant matter is produced and better terpine profiles. In a humid climate, plants that are taller with longer internodel spacing would give the nessicary air flow to avoid fungus and mold.