Our mission is to raise hemp production benchmarks, and challenge existing grow paradigms to improve plant quality. Using both soil and hydroponic modalities, we isolate and then diligently maintain optimum conditions for premium genetics.

Las Vegas Greens, Lcc


Las Vegas Greens looks to assist you and your hemp grow application, so that every plant can reach 100% of its' DNA potential.
We offer S1 seed, the strongest, self-pollinating seed on the market, which we grow in our climate-controlled greenhouse. We create our own STS spray, and our seed has a 95% germination rate *.
We have controlled the genetics for three years and have completed eight crossing and back-crossing crops.
*University of Nevada, Reno for verification and certification.
Phylos Test Results

2021 Hemp Seeds CBD

2021 Hemp Seeds CBG


The Farmer

We understand the plight of the farmer, as we are farmers ourselves. Our seed tests for lowest total THC levels in the state of Nevada per cultivar. We can help you through the testing process by offering you a free pre-test in the second week of flower. We have found that both pre-testing and timely-testing are essential to harvesting a compliant crop. With new "hot crop" guidelines for Nevada growers in 2021, it is imperative for a farmer to begin their grow with the best seed available.


We at Las Vegas Greens strive for consistent, premiere-quality hemp, and refuse to grow or sell anything less. Our feminized seed, feminized pollen and feminized seedlings have a proven and verifiable track record. On a DAILY basis, we diligently care for each plant using Best Practices and our controlled environment to ensure our plants reach 100% of their DNA potential. We stay abreast of current research and new compound discoveries to incorporate new cultivars into the strain menu that we offer.


In this burgeoning industry, honesty and transparency are not always easy to find. We are a knowledge and information based group of like-minded people. Our primary principles are unity and helpfulness, as it is a plants' duty to pass information to the next generation, so it is ours. We answer all of your questions about all facets of our hemp growing experience. "It is difficult, but not impossible, to conduct strictly honest business," Mahatma Gandhi.

Las Vegas Greens

From our lead growers on site, Tom Blount and Ron Voight, to our sales force, Las Vegas Greens strives to produce and deliver quality, high yield Hemp seeds, with low THC (<0.19%) and high CBD/CBG (>13.9%).
We work with recognized institutions and Independent Labs to confirm that we consistently produce the highest quality seed, harvest after harvest.



We do all of our growing in our 4320 square foot, climate-controlled greenhouse located in Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada. Our growing operations run year-round with multiple R & D projects (including hydroponics), multiple CBD/CBG crops for seed and pollen generation, and a dedicated Spring seedling run.


We use "Best Practices" to ensure only premium, feminized seed is produced. We conduct all required State tests, Independent Lab testing and feminization tests for all of our strains. We work with UNCES (University of Nevada Extension Services) for further unbiased testing. Our seed exhibits excellent germination and purity rates. All strains test out at a 99% feminization rate.


Our growers, Tom Blount and Ron Voight, share over sixty years of horticulture experience between them. They are driven by the quest to secure the best genetics for the base of their strain development-stable, consistent production plants. From hydroponic food production to superior, soil grown, feminized hemp seed production, our growers are prepared to help you with any grow application.


All Testing done/acme results. 99% feminization rate with test verification. White Papers.
Our growers will guide you through the grow AND crop compliance process, including a FREE PRE-TEST.
Proven track record in multiple states and climates, including Nevada.
All production takes place in our climate controlled greenhouse, using Best Practices and diligence.
We control the plants' uptake with our proprietary nutrient line and STS spray (very effective).