Las Vegas Greens is a small company, whose focus is on genetics and feminized seed production. We have been growing in our 4320 square foot, climate-controlled greenhouse for three years and have completed twelve cycles. Our seed is proven very stable. We test and verify all of our strains' genetics as we develop them with The University of Nevada and their extension services (UNCES). Our CBG strain LeCreme garnered top CBG strain for the State of Nevada with White Papers on topic: "The State of Hemp in Nevada".
We have developed two CBD strains: Hawaiian Blue and BH1; a CBG strain: LV1; and also a CBD/CBG cross. The cross-pollination will involve six pairings, using all of our strains. We will determine the most viable through a series of third party-testing. We are diligent with our genetic crossings, crop maintenance, crop health and we use our own STS formula.
Our company is fully licensed in Clark County, Nevada as Hemp Growers, Seed Producers and Nursery. We are currently licensed in sixteen states as Seed Sellers. We understand the ever-changing seed market demand as new compounds are being discovered, and keep looking to the event horizon of forward genetics. Oregon State University has isolated 485 compounds to date, and projects in the neighborhood of 900, when research is completed. Currently only eight compounds are being grown. The next two compounds coming to market are CBDV and CBGV.





We at Las Vegas Greens can supply you with high CBD, feminized seedlings to remove some of the anxiety of successfully growing an all-female hemp crop. We suggest our LeCreme for CBG crops and our Cherrywine for CBD crops, as they are both hardy and stable strains. Our seedlings are less susceptible to mold, they thrive in a wide temperature range, they are drought tolerant and have proven to exhibit no transplant shock. Our LeCreme CBG has earned "Top Seed" honors for The State of Nevada, as cited in White Papers from UNCES (The University of Nevada Extension Services).
We ask that the minimum order be 1000 seedlings. For industrial scale grows we have the capacity to produce 500,000 seedlings for the upcoming 2021 season. CBG seedlings are $2.25 each for 1000-10,000 plants and $2.00 each for orders over 10,000 plants. CBD seedlings are $1.25 each for 1000-10,000 plants and $1.00 each for orders over 10,000 plants. We ask for a 50% down payment upon confirmation of order, with remainder and delivery costs due upon delivery. We can provide seedlings from March 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021. Please allow 30 days from order confirmation and remittance, for plants to arrive.


We at Las Vegas Greens understand the necessity of pro-active, timely crop testing. We can help guide you through the needed tests and their timelines. It can be confusing. New Nevada legislation restricts growers who test for three "hot crops", so growers want to begin with the best seed available, use "Best Practices" and TEST. All of our strains appear in 2021 White Papers from UNCES, with our feminized LeCreme seed garnering top seed honors for The State of Nevada. We have sex tested (feminization tested) all of our strains with Phylos Labs in Oregon. Our seed has been crop tested in Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii and California and the feedback that we have received has been: great performance seed.
We at Las Vegas Greens offer ONLY feminized, CBD and CBG seed, pollen and seedlings. We use our own STS spray and premium nutrients on all of our plants. Our strains express a range of terpene rich profiles, each profile unique to its varietal. With our genetically stable seed, your chances for a bumper crop are exponentially improved. We would love to hear from you, and begin a "growing" relationship. With all seed orders, we practice the Industry Standard of including an extra 10% of seed, to offset any non-germinating seed. NO REQUIRED MINIMUM ORDER.

Las Vegas Greens

From our lead growers on site, Tom Blount and Ron Voight, to our sales force, Las Vegas Greens strives to produce and deliver quality, high yield Hemp seeds, with low THC (<0.19%) and high CBD/CBG (>13.9%).
We work with recognized institutions and Independent Labs to confirm that we consistently produce the highest quality seed, harvest after harvest.


All Testing done/acme results. 99% feminization rate with test verification. White Papers.
Our growers will guide you through the grow AND crop compliance process, including a FREE PRE-TEST.
Proven track record in multiple states and climates, including Nevada.
All production takes place in our climate controlled greenhouse, using Best Practices and diligence.
We control the plants' uptake with our proprietary nutrient line and STS spray (very effective).


  • Development of high CBD/CBG, terpene-rich hemp strains to raise genetic benchmarks
  • Addition of accurate data and information to the existing hemp knowledge base
  • Staying on the ever-expanding forefront of “new compound” discoveries and uses
  • Helping farmers and growers successfully raise all-female hemp crops, with ease
  • Working to develop viable outlets and sources for hemp crop growers’ harvests
  • Creating an internship program at our greenhouse for local agriculture students
  • Final development of proprietary nutrient line and sts spray, ready for market