The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Services is an outreach appendage of the University that provides unbiased, research-based knowledge to Nevada communities.
UNCES is funded through public tax dollars which provide free, curriculum-driven programs designed to aid the specific and varying needs of the many different communities throughout Nevada. With satellite locations in 18 counties statewide, UNCES offers a multitude of agriculturally based courses, including: Master Gardening, Irrigation Solutions, Invasive Plant Deterrents, and Organic Food & Cattle Production.
Although involved in numerous community -driven infrastructure projects, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Services website states t hat, "While at the forefront of many community actions, Cooperative Extension Agents worked primarily with farmers to increase crop and livestock yields ... " UNCES promotes affordable education regarding food production, including preservation and conservation. Located in Reno, the University of Nevada leads the premiere Agricultural Department in the State.
Desert Greens H2o is collaborating with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Services to verify new benchmarks in hydroponic farming that we are creating; which, we at DGH believe will yield reliable White Papers to support our new technology. A White Paper is an authoritative, unbiased, third-party report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. Desert Greens H2o's ultimate goal is to inform the world, based on facts and evidence, that our systems out-produce all existing grow applications by raising crop yield and nutrient values while dramatically lessening the carbon footprint.
DGH believes that student involvement at our flagship greenhouse, and subsequent applications throughout Nevada, is a vital component in the success of these paradigm changing systems. In addition to White Paper staff, we see internship and apprenticeship opportunities in many facets of the project, including: Construction & Buildout, Greenhouse Management, Research & Development Commitments, Food Security Systems, Seed to Harvest Protocol, and Packaging & Delivery. We at Desert Greens H2o value the process of discovery, we value the transference of accurate information, we value community education and we value the resources that remain for our future generations' agricultural sustainability.