Why do I get a hot crop, from State approved seed?

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It can be the seed genetics, the hemp grower, climactic factors, or just plain bad luck  It can be a combination of all. Genetics play the largest role, as you cannot change what you have in front of you. The grower needs to be attentive, observant and give the plants the correct amount of nitrogen and water. The important part is timing for testing, any tardiness can give a crop a hot reading. Both poor climate and/or animals gnawing on them cause stress to the plant. Stress can change or speed up the CBG, CBD to THC process or slow it down. Climate problems can be somewhat mitigated.

We here at Las Vegas Greens have achieved the lowest THC percent for our strains in the State of Nevada. We grow in our climate controlled greenhouse, we apply our proprietary nutrients and create our own STS spray. In an effort to help growers avoid a hot crop, we strongly advise you to test your crops by an Independent Lab 7-10 days into flower. The test results should come back with a 0% THC reading and a scant CBD reading. If ANY THC shows up on the testing you must keep a watchful eye on your crop, do additional testing and then harvest your crop about 2 weeks early- proactivity is the key. Also, the rule of thumb is that your initial CBD test number can be multiplied by five, which will give you your final CBD percentage. You can take all of the guesswork and anxiety out of your end result.

Why are seeds that are feminized, prove not to be?

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We sometimes buy feminized seed ourselves, and there are still a high percentage of males. This is a result of a weak STS process and/or lack of due diligence (best practices) of the seed producer to catch and pull any pre-flower hermafradites. There are three ways of feminizing. First, STS is the most common way, and the most reliable method. Second, Collided Silver Spray which is less used, as it is harder on the plant and has been known to have a higher non-feminized rate. Third, Manual Magnification (under a magnifying glass) looking for dimples and volcanos, this method has the highest inaccuracy of all.

We here at Las Vegas Greens ALWAYS utilize two of the above methods for every crop we grow. We use our own STS spray and Manual Magnification. We meticulously examine every plant throughout the grow on a daily basis. Our feedback from growers who have used our seed has been exceptionally positive, as our seed lives up to all supporting State and Independent Lab test results.

How do I choose the best hemp strain, to create the greatest profit, for my part of the country?

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As The Hemp Industry thrives, more and more strains become available. Each strain expresses different traits and characteristics from other strains. The key is to find the strain which demands the climate (humidity), soil and latitude of your grow. Of course, indoor grows have a much greater strain growing range. Further, each strain can express different phenotypes within the strain itself, producing what look to be different plants from others in the crop.


We here at Las Vegas Greens separate each individual strain, in every crop turn, into pheno groups. Example: Our Cherrywine CBD strain has five or more different pheno expressions. After being crossbred several hundred times, the strongest traits became more predominate: taller, thicker, closer internodal spacing, large colas and multiple medium colas. More plant matter is produced and better terpine profiles. In a humid climate, plants that are taller with longer internodel spacing would give the nessicary air flow to avoid fungus and mold.