Why Us

Our team has decades of experience in all facets of the agriculture business.
Our patented designs in structures and nutrients are leading to even greater efficiency than other hydroponic and aeroponic systems.

Proprietary Features of Our Grow Systems

Oxygen-Infused A-Frame

Our aeroponic and hydroponic grow systems incorporate advanced, proprietary technologies that exponentially increase crop quality and yield, while redefining existing water usage benchmarks. Two important facets of our revolutionary OIAF system are the vertical grow A­ Frames which house our closed-loop, water and air filtration systems, and the unique height and pitch design, coupled with plant site placement, which quadruples viable grow sites by over 300% of traditional farming, and current hydroponic systems by 100 -120%.

The A-Frame (OIAF) system is a proprietary design that far surpasses current per-foot crop yields of all current grow systems. Two vital components of the OIAF are aeroponic, or soilless, farming, proven by NASA to be the most effective plant nutrient delivery method, and the incorporation of a high pressure vapor system that uses short bursts of nutrient-infused water, applied directly onto the entire root structure of each plant. Less effective farming methods face problems such as “pony tailing” of roots, a problem that leads to tap root starvation, and a slow, unproductive death. Using our water filtration technology, our system incorporates a steady flow of fresh air, allowing every plant to uptake the maximum amount of nutrients.

The OAIF System is the industry leader in water conservation. In traditional farming, one head of lettuce requires 15 gallons of water to reach maturity. The plant retains eighteen ounces of that water, while the rest is wasted. Our closed-loop systems require only twenty-two ounces of water per head of lettuce for the plant to reach maturity. A traditional soil-grow uses 600,000 gallons of water to produce 40,000 heads of lettuce. Our system uses less than 60,000 gallons of water for the same size crop; that’s a 90% reduction in water usage.

The unique height and pitch design of the OAIF system, along with placement logistics, has the capacity to support 3600 grow sites per each 60′ x 7′ x 4′ A-Frame unit. Both traditional farming and conventional hydroponic farming yield 1-6: head of lettuce per square foot; whereas, our systems are capable of producing 16 heads of lettuce per square foot. Plants that thrive in our OAIF system are: lettuce, culinary herbs, leafy greens, strawberries and edible flowers. In addition to the increased volume in plant material, flavor-profiles and nutrient content in the crops increase exponentially.

Competitive Advantages of Las Vegas Greens

Hydroponic Grow Systems Over Current Hydroponic Farming Approaches

Our vertical grow units, which utilize a unique height and pitch design, produce two to our times the crop yield of current standard hydroponic greenhouses. Our grow units allow for the utilization of the entire length, width and height of the greenhouse, which exponentially increases both crop size and harvestable plant material.

We are a Hydroponic, and Aeroponic, Grow Systems Company that would like to help you reach pinnacle levels of crop yield; we manufacture, install and train operational staff on our proprietary systems, We can retrofit any existing greenhouse structure. We offer three different management packages, and can provide an ISO-style, statistical analyst, We offer live­ time monitoring of the greenhouse, combined with daily greenhouse climate and water conditions, We have developed a proprietary nutrient blend, created with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, We enjoy a strategic alliance with Atlas Greenhouse, whom we recommend for the product quality, strength of structure and ability to customize their greenhouse sizes, We have found that in the Southern Nevada climate, that the most efficient size greenhouse is 60′ x 72′. We sell three systems, all of which may be either downsized or up-scaled depending on the grow application:


Our proprietary systems help us to focus on the ever-changing needs of the plants to ensure maximum growth, using a fraction of the space and water, to consistently produce exponentially larger greenhouse yields with unparalleled flavor profiles and nutritional value.

The initial benefits that one realizes with Las Vegas Greens Systems include:

  • Lose less than 5% of water to evaporation
  • Use a fraction of the water to grow the same volume of crops in traditional farming-10%
  • Produce clean, mineral and nutrient laden crops
  • Guarantee same day harvesting and delivery cycles
  • Develop exponentially improved flavor profiles in all products
  • Achieve a 30%-100% increased yield per acre than soil methods
  • Provide year-round growing opportunities, equaling 2 to 4 crops annually
  • Deliver zero -waste techno logy, eliminating all environmental contamination risks
  • Require only 25% of the space that traditional agriculture uses
  • Promote faster plant material growth in controlled environments
  • Eliminate the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemicals to raise crops