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Less land, Less Water, More Nutrients, Better Tasting Produce

Indoor hydroponic systems allow plants to grow almost anywhere all year round.

At the beginning of May 2016, we at Las Vegas Greens began erecting our flagship, broad-scale hydroponic greenhouse, which has the capacity to redefine the current global food paradigm. Tom Blount, systems designer and grower, has invested over 10 years perfecting a hydroponic grow system with a unique height and pitch design that exponentially reduces the carbon footprint of any traditional soil-grow or existing hydroponic application.

As an example, North Carolina State University claims that one acre of land is required in a traditional soil-grow to produce 26,000 heads of small lettuce per full harvest; whereas, our application will produce 36,450 heads of lettuce per full harvest. In addition, traditional grows are limited by seasonal conditions which allow for a maximum of 2-3 harvests per year; whereas, we have the ability to grow year-round with 12 harvests per year.


The time has come for a nutrition revolution, new efficiency with less space and less water. We innovate agricultural production and consumption via proprietary grow systems and products that exponentially increase flavor profiles, plant nutritional values and local sustainability.

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Hemp Seeds

We also have grown special Our mission is to raise hemp production benchmarks, and challenge existing grow paradigms to improve plant quality. Using both soil and hydroponic modalities, we isolate and then diligently maintain optimum conditions for premium genetics.

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